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Your Affiliate Web Site Is Built - Now What?

When I first got my web site built, I thought I finally I had
a presence on-line. Wrong! I soon found out that I needed someone
to host my site, and I needed a domain name.

This, I found, was my moment of utter confusion. And my
first thought was - "What have I gotten myself into!?"
I realized I needed the following questions answered before I
could even begin my on-line journey. What do I need in a web host,
what is a web host, what is a domain name and - you
mean, I have to pay for a domain name as well?

What is a Domain?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies an Internet site.
Thus, if you want to do any on-line marketing you need a unique
name to identify your business - and definitely a name that
identifies or relates to that of your on-line presence.

Do I really need a domain name? Yes. Why? There are
several good reasons:

1.It projects a professional image
2.It's mobile - you can change web hosts and your domain
name goes with you.
3.It takes time and hard work to build your affiliate business - if you
don't have your own name and you want to move to a
different web host - all is lost because the domain name is not mobile.

There are many sites that offer a domain name service at a reasonable
price. You can go to my site at and
look under Affiliate Information - here you can get an idea
how much a domain name costs.

What is A Web Host?

A web host is an ISP that offers space in which to store your
own personal Web pages. They utilize a web server, which
is a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet and
can send out your web pages on request.

If you want a professional presence, I would suggest that you
do not go with a free site. Why? With your free site, you
are required to include advertisements of their
choosing on your


There are many web hosting sites and prices to choose from - and all
can be very confusing and intimidating when you are first
looking at putting up a site of your own. So, what should you
consider when choosing a web host?

What to Consider When You Choose a Web Host?

When choosing a Web Host you should consider the following:

1.Does it have customer support available 24/7?
2.How often are backups done? (You should also do
your own backups as well.)
3.How much bandwidth do they give you? Bandwidth is
the amount of activity on your site (traffic). The more
visitors you have, the more bandwidth is used.
I recommend at least 2 gigs, with an option to upgrade.
4.How many email accounts do they have? At least 3, preferably more.
5.Does it have traffic stats - to monitor your hits, page views, and actual visitors?
6.Does it have FrontPage extensions? (If you are planning to use FrontPage).
7.Does it offer autoresponders?
8.Does it offer FTP?
9.Does it allow for upgrades? As your business grows, so will
your need for more bandwidth.
10.Does it offer SiteBuilder? (If you have no HTML experience/don't
have FrontPage, or no programming knowledge - SiteBuilder
can get you up and running.

To conclude, remember your web site is your business, your
domain is your name, and your web host is your home - all
are important factors to your success. And to think, you
only getting started!

About the Author

Vickie J Scanlon has a BBA degree in Administrative Management and
Marketing. She left the corporate world as a Reports Programmer,
to begin her journey as an Internet marketer. Visit her site at: for free tools, articles, ebooks,
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