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Webpremises Traffic Power Tips For April 2003

Webremises Newsletter April 18th - Michael Hein


New Generation of Traffic Exchanges
CrazyBrowser - Software for browsing multiple pages simultaneously
AutoIT - Automate any manual action, mouse clicks, etc
Creating a Rotation Page using JAVASCRIPT
Building your downline
Combining all of this for guaranteed success

all without spending any money...


Hi Again and welcome to the next edition of the webpremises newsletter. If you can, you should print this out to read with a nice cup of tea or coffee because once you start reading, you won't be able to stop and this is a MASSIVE PACKED ISSUE. Again as promised, no selling, no funny stuff, just great reading and some really fantastic software and scripts which are completely unbranded for you to use.

New Generation of Traffic Exchanges

I have spent a month experimenting with a new generation of great traffic exchange programmes and have examined various ways that you can achieve MAXIMUM traffic turnover using 3 pieces of software and a great javascript for your web page to build downlines which eventually will generate ALL of your traffic automatically.

Whether you have a website or not, you will need to build up traffic first. The steps that I will guide you through in this article should be followed carefully and you will see that you can start building traffic today which you will send to your website when your traffic network is built up. The idea is that within the next few weeks you will have a web of affiliates who will be building up traffic for you because you will receive commission for each of their page views. Once this "self working" solution is set up you can start thinking about your product pages.


Here is the plan outline:

We are going to sign up with 3 great next generation traffic exchange programmes first of all, and these will supply us with:

1. Approximately 10,000 hits per week which will be fead into your special rotation script (explained later)

2. A referral URL which will be used to sign up new members to your downline for each traffic exchange programme, this will increase the number of hits per week that you can feed into your rotation script (explained below).

We will then use a JAVASCRIPT (provided below) to create a rotation page. A rotation page is a page of html which will randomly send the visitor to one of the 3 referral URLS. This way, when you sign up to the traffic exchange programme you enter 1 URL which will cover ALL THREE of the referal pages. Don't let this put you off if it sounds too complex. I will guide you through every step carefully. You will start to receive a number of signups in your downline for each of the traffic exchange programmes within a few hundred hits. I usually get about 10 new affiliates per 1000 hits, that's not bad. If you keep this up for a couple of weeks you will see the evidence for yourself and within a couple of months you will have a network so big that you will not need to surf for hits yourself because your downline will do that for you.

CrazyBrowser - Software for browsing multimple pages simultaneously

Help yourself to the following download for a great piece of software called crazy browser:


Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser. It also has a Smart Popup Filter that blocks errors and popups automatically! Multiple pages can be saved as a GROUP and reopened together. You will be able to surf faster and earn more credits than ever before.

Now click on all the links below to join these FREE next generation traffic programs:


IMPORTANT!:- When you join these programs make sure to save all the URLs- both for your start pages and for your referral links you will add them to the crazy browser and your rotation script in a moment!

If you are already a member of these programs you can just use the URLs you already have. You can also add any program you like if I don't have it here.

IMPORTANT!:- When you join these programs make sure to save all the URLs- both for your start pages and for your referral links!

CrazyBrowser has a feature that allows you to save any combination of URLs as individual groups. To create your group of start page programs do the following:

In the address bar, copy and paste your surf-for-hits URL of HITPULSE, press the Enter-Key.

HITPULSE surf page is loading.

Now type into the address bar the surf URL of WEBMASTERQUEST, again press the Enter-Key and WEBMASTERQUEST is loading, in a new window.

Now, If you want to go back to HITPULSE click on the tab to the


To go to WEBMASTERQUEST, click on the right tab.
(Also, you can scroll through tabs by pressing the F3 key.)

Now enter all your remaining surf-for-hits URL's, and don't forget to press the Enter-Key after you type in the URL.

After you finish entering the start page programs, click on the main menu "Groups" and then click on "Save all pages as group". You can join as many as you like and enter them on crazy browser.

A Windows file window will open. Give your group a name, like "10000Hits", and click Save.

After having done this, every time you start CrazyBrowser you can simply click "Groups", then the name of your saved group in the drop-down menu. All of your programs should load on one screen. You can now surf them all at once.

If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer, opening eight to ten pages at the same time may be too much.

In this case, try surfing fewer pages until your computer is running fast enough that you are happy with it. My suggestion would be to group them together in groups of four which seems to be the most practical.

Creating a Rotation Page using JAVASCRIPT


Download the above word doc and then make the necessary changes on the script to replace the three rotation URLs so that they contain your own affiliate links which will be provided on sign up by the traffic exchange. There is additional documentation inside the script itself. When you have replaced my affiliate URLs with your own you should click on FILE, SaveAs and make sure that you name the file:


You can now upload this file to any webspace to be hosted, remember to write down the location of the file, e.g.

This is the URL that you will set as the site which will receive visitors from the traffic exchange for each credit that you receive from them. When you test the URL you should notice that everytime you visit that URL you will be directed seamlessly to one of the 3 exhanges randomly (neat, 3 in 1 site).

If you have no webspace or domain then help yourself to a completely banner free, no-cost domain and webspace from:


Building your downline

Now you have 3 exhanges to surf which will generate hits into your rotation page, the more hits you send into your rotator the more signups you will receive for your efforts, YOU WILL RECEIVE SIGNUPS. I have attached a screendump of my inbox with dates, this is what I am achieving using only the system described above. Try your best to build up 1000 hits total daily. This does not take long and it is always very rewarding to wake up the next morning and have 3 new downline members earning more hits for you.

You will soon find out that it is quite boring to spend hours upon hours clicking through random sites. It is worth your while because you will receive great returns quickly. But for the extremely lazy people you should read the below info.

AutoIT - Automate any manual action, mouse clicks, etc

This is a very special windows scripting tool which can be used to automate virtually any manual action you perform on your PC including mouse clicks, switching windows, typing any text or keyboard command and even though a complete beginner may be put off at first, it is extremely easy to pick up, and I advise you familiarise yourself with this FREE tool because it is an invaluable time saver which can put your clicking on auto-pilot while you have a well deserved nap.

Download this tool by using the link below and remember to read the documentation:


Download these example scripts to see how it's done:


All of the information that I have given you above has generated many hits and downline affiliates for me in the month of March 2003. This is why you should act fast and get it all done asap.

I am always eager to hear about your success, so let me know by sending an email to:
Click here

If you have any issues or queries do not hesitate to contact me:
Click here


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