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10 Sure-Fire Viral Marketing Strategies To Increase Traffic To Your Website
"Viral Marketing" is giving something away for free and allowing people to pass it on to others. The main purpose of viral marketing is to spread your message to as many people as possible without having to spend any money for advertising. ...

12 Steps to Creating a Business Online
===================================== (c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved ===================================== "E-commerce" A word pervading our society, making headlines around the world, and causing the stock...

How to Choose a Good Domain Name?
In the E-World your domain name is your first assessment of what your site is about. It's not just your site name but it is the first criterion of your success on the Internet and when it comes to a point of success you must hold it tight....

Affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of products or services through affiliates. Affiliates are usually other webmasters and ezine editors who choose to act as sales people on behalf of their principals for a commission on every sale. ...

Why Search Engine Traffic Should be Your Top Priority
Most Internet marketing methods are risky and many will not have any affect on traffic to a web site. Some online marketers will sell you anything from banner impressions, to mass email campaigns (spam), to popup ads. All these marketing tools...

To Strike While the Public Domain Iron is Hot, You Must First Find the Iron!

Surely you have heard of Ted Turner and Walt Disney, but do you know what they have in common? Both of these men started companies based public domain materials. Walt Disney updated or modernized characters from Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Ted Turner founded Turner Classic Movies using many public domain movies.

With public domain materials rapidly becoming a very hot commodity these days, your competition for these materials gets more demanding daily. If you go to and search for Public Domain, there are over 40 million sites resulting from this search. So, how do you weed through these millions and millions of sites to find actual materials in the public domain?

Your search for these materials has just been simplified. We have compiled a toolbar containing almost 200 direct links to public domain materials and 7 public domain search engines into a free public domain toolbar. Imagine; if you will, searching the Library of Congress, eServer or Project Gutenberg; among others, directly from your toolbar. Simply for your convince, we have included a few links to old book resellers to the search bar. With your keywords in hand, this feature

has proven extremely valuable in locating original public domain manuscripts or books for scanning and editing. Although, some of the public domain materials are donated and have special terms and conditions for using the material in commercial websites, your due diligence and discovery of the special cases is warranted and advised.

Because this Internet Explorer toolbar receives automatically updates from every time you launch it, available to you are the freshest public domain links available. As links die, they are removed. As new links are found, your toolbar is updated.

How do you get this great tool? This free toolbar is only available to registered forum members of Public Domain Forum. Visit us online and register for our free Public Domain forum. After you login to the forum, you may download this terrific tool.

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