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The Misspelled Domain Name Experiment

Recently, I bought the domain name: Not, but (The difference is an "sh" instead of an "ss" in the word: bass.)

Here's how it happened...

One day I was visiting my chiropractor and picked up a business card for a guy who owns a website called He's a fishing guide in my area. His business card was compelling and made me want to check out his site.

When I got home I turned on my computer and opened my web browser. I then proceeded to look at his business card and type the following:

The site returned an error. Again, I put my cursor back in my browser address bar, looked at his card again and typed the following:

I got another error. I thought maybe the site was down but then I realized something... I had misspelled the domain name. I was typing instead of As soon as I corrected this mistake, the website opened up just fine.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

If I misspelled that domain TWICE IN A ROW maybe other people misspell it too. Therefore, I immediately went to Google and typed in "bash fishing". Here's the page Google returned:

At the time of this writing, Google lists 1,870 pages on the Internet that misspelled "bass fishing" exactly the same way I misspelled it: "bash fishing".

Next, I went to my favorite domain registrar to see if

(the misspelling of was available. It was.

Then I went over to to see to if there were any bass fishing related info products that I could affiliate with to earn commissions. In fact, there were a few of them and the sales letters for each product looked pretty good.

So I went back to my domain registrar and registered Then I got my ClickBank affiliate link for the bass fishing info product I wanted to promote, logged into my registrar and setup a re-direct link that pointed from my newly acquired domain to my new affiliate link for the bass fishing info product. Voila!

Here's the result:

Now every time someone opens their web browser and intends to type but makes the same mistake I made and spells it, they will be re-directed to the sales page for the bass fishing info product I'm promoting. If they buy it, I'll earn a 75% commission on the $29.95 purchase price

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