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Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting
The best way to avoid being blacklisted by the search engines is to avoid using some questionable techniques that were once popular to gain high rankings. Even if your website is not blacklisted by using some of the techniques below, it may be...

Combine Links with Quality Resources and You're on a Winner
There are 1001 ways to drive traffic to your websites. I reckon I've tried most of them over the years and in the process have become blasť over the whole process of traffic promotion - but here's one that surprises even a hardened old cynic like...

Don't Forget B.O.B.!
So you've got everything in place, busily working away for you. You've got your banners out, you've exchanged links, you've optimized your site for the search engines, you've got ad and P.P.C. campaigns bringing site visitors, your sales copy is...

Google and Your Domain Name
Most everyone agrees that with Google content is king and natural anchor text links is second to the throne followed by the Meta Description Tag along with several other factors. But most everyone often overlooks one of those several other...

Weaving Culture Into e-Commerce
Weaving Culture Into e-Commerce Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved You probably already know that the non-English speaking Internet audience transacts 63% of the global e-Commerce transactions. If you know that then you're definitely aware...

The Advantages of Domain Appraisal

If you want to buy a domain name, it is crucial that you get that name appraised first. You will be in a better bargaining position when you know the true value of the domain name you are purchasing. Never purchase domain names without first getting a professional appraisal.

How do you set the price on a domain name? If you ask for too much, your domain will never sell. If you don't ask for enough, you may regret it forever. Furthermore, a unbiased and professional domain name appraisal gives value to a domain name - appraisal almost always increases the sales price of a domain!

The appraisers at have assessed the value of thousands of

Internet domain names. We are constantly reviewing recent sales of domain names so that we know what truly is valuable and what isn't! is trusted by both buyers and sellers because we strive to estimate the true value of domain names. Most other services tend to overestimate the value of domains just to keep their customers happy.

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