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Affiliate Opportunity Scams
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Domain Name Strategies Maximize Profits
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How To Boost Affiliate Sales With Your Own Training Site
Imagine the confusion if all McDonalds told their new franchise owners was here's your restaurant, now go to it. Not one in 20 McDonalds locations would run smoothly. Owners wouldn't know how to cook the food, promote the restaurant, or what to tell...

Why Publishing MP3 Can Cost You A Fortune
This was news to me. It might be news to you too: MP3 is NOT free to use if you're an online publisher. BUT - let me be clear - there are some opt-outs. It appears you don't have to pay any license fees if: It's for personal use or non...

She Makes Nearly Half a Million a Year Online as Super Affiliate Selling Other People's Stuff

Rosalind Gardner gets really mad if anyone says -- or even
suggests -- that you can't make any money promoting
affiliate products. How mad? Well, her usual rejoinder
goes along the lines of "What a pile of unadulterated cow
dung!" "Affiliate marketing isn't rocket science!" Rosalind
says. She states emphatically that "it really is the
easiest of all the ways to make money online...and LOTS of

Rosalind says she's living proof that not only can you make
money promoting affiliate products, you can make very big
money doing it -- in her case, over $435,000 a year. And
she wants to help others experience success as an affiliate
too. So she's written and published a best-selling ebook
called "The Super Affiliate Handbook" that offers up the

-- How to assess a market for profitabilty. -- Discover
which products are actually sold online. -- Learn which
programs to avoid and when to drop others. -- Where to
find free software that saves both money and time. --
Learn how to negotiate a raise in your commissions. --
Discover exactly which qualities and actions set super
affiliates apart from their less productive counterparts. --
Learn how to stop Thieves from Stealing YOUR Commissions.
-- Discover the features your web host must have to get the
best value for your buck.

Wait, that's not all, asserts Rosalind. She points out that
there's lots more good stuff in "The Super Affiliate
Handbook," such as:

-- Which 6 factors you MUST consider when choosing a domain
name. -- How to Promote Associate Programs and Products
with a Newsletter. -- How to use Signature Files to Gain
MORE Visitors. -- How Forums can bring you more traffic. --
How to build a 1,000-page site in mere seconds! -- The
best alternative to selling products on your site. -- Learn
which methods bring traffic to your site FAST. -- 9 Ways to
Get Traffic to Your Site for FREE. -- The TRUTH about
reciprocal linking. -- How writing a simple ezine article
can bring more traffic to your site for FREE. -- How to Get
MORE sales from YOUR site even though you are selling the
same product as thousands of other affiliates. -- Learn
EXACTLY what Super Affiliates do that other affiliates don't
do. -- The 20 questions that You MUST get answers to BEFORE
you join an affiliate program. -- My favorite places to
advertise. -- Learn which software finds profitable niche
topics and saves HOURS, even DAYS of manual labor. -- How
to write compelling product endorsement. -- Why you don't
want to use the marketing material provided by

affiliate programs. -- 6 Essential Components that EVERY
successful web site has in place.

Rosalind Gardner states that in "The Super Affiliate
Handbook" you will see "the web sites that I actually
promote to make tens of thousands each month," will get the
"benefit of 7 years worth of my experience," and will learn
exactly "which services and software give you best value for
your dollar" so you can "avoid the costly mistakes that I've
made during my learning process."

Her bottom line: there's absolutely no reason that you or I
or anyone else can't achieve a very high level of success
online through affliliate marketing. And she definitely
wants to share her wealth of knowledge and experience and be
the one to "show you exactly what you need to do to build
your own lucrative affiliate marketing business." She's
made, and keeps making month after month, a ton of money.
The truth is, says Rosalind, "you can make INCREDIBLE MONEY
online by promoting ONLY affiliate programs."

Some pretty bold claims, for sure, but compelling
nonetheless. And thus for those among us who are quite
serious about making serious money online, what Rosalind
Gardner is offering in her ebook would appear to at least
warrant some further exploration and examination. Since
it's always a good practice to do a certain amount of due
diligence, you can do so and obtain additional information
about "The Super Affiliate Handbook" by visiting:

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