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Register Your Domain Name Longer = Better Search Engine Rankings?

Google May Have New Criteria When Ranking Web Sites

While I was registering a new domain yesterday I came across an option asking if I wanted to register it for more than one year. At first, I paid it no mind and just registered it for one year.

Later, I came across some advice that GoDaddy provides stating that you should register for multiple years to inmprove search engine rankings with Google.

It seems Google's thinking is, the longer a domain name is registered, the more credible the business is. And credible, relevant web sites are what Google wants to show up in search results, giving the user who is searching for information the top-quality search results.

At first I thought it might be a scam so GoDaddy could make more money with people registering domain names. But after doing some research I now believe GoDaddy's advice.

Google filled out a patent application,

which below states:

"40. The method of claim 38, wherein the domain-related information is related to at least one of an expiration date of the domain, a domain name server record associated with the domain, and a name server associated with the domain."

Although it is not guaranteed this will increase your search engine rankings, if you want to gain a potential advantage, slight as it could be, register your domain names as long as possible. If you are committed to your business, this is probably a smart move for you.

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Jason Cohen is a co-founder of, a web site that offers consultation for Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.