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New Ways To Have Success On The Internet
There are several standard things you can do to increase traffic on your website. These are publishing an ezine, providing free email, give things away for free, updating your site every day, installing a message board or discussion group,...

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New Ways To Have Success On The Internet

There are several standard things you can do to increase traffic on your
website. These are publishing an ezine, providing free email, give things
away for free, updating your site every day, installing a message board or
discussion group, concentrating on main topics, submitting to search
engines, writing press releases etc.
But these traffic generators are used by nearly every well promoted site on
the web. If you start a new ezine, for example, it will generate traffic but
it will probably not be something special. There are ezines over and over on
the internet!
And don't believe that high search engine ranking is the most important
source to get hits on your page. In fact successful websites get most
traffic from people just typing in the domain name.
You don't only need to have a domain name easy to remember.
What I want to say is that you must have something special on your webpage
to be successful today. Provide information and service that others don't do
or only rarely do. Do things that the others don't do yet.
I want to write about some internet marketing tricks that are less known in
this article. They work very effective.


Try to find out what your visitors really want to find on your site. Install
a short opinion poll that is shown the first time a visitor enters your
site. Ask your visitors to suggest what could be improved.
Your site will get better for your customers steadily if you react on
critics and suggestions.
There are always people who don't know what they are really searching for on
your site. If your vistors used the opinion poll they are fully aware of
what they are searching for. This will increase sellings.


Provide internet information for mobile phones. There will be millions of
people using mobile phones with internet access in the next years.
You must prepare special WML(Wireless Markup Language) pages. These pages
can be displayed by mobile phones with internet access.
Having a WML homepage shows to be innovative. That is important for

business. And there are only few websites providing information for mobile
internet phones. You have got the chance to be a "first mover".
You can find more information about WAP at


Produce a CD-ROM about your business. Put some of your web pages on that CD.
You can also insert actual Shareware/Freeware software, tools, older ezine
articles and other material. You will give the opportunity to select things
offline and buy online if you sell a product or service. That makes buying
much faster and more comfortable. Give this CD-ROM away for free on your
website. Your customers will give their Address and receive the CD some days
If there is not much data you can also provide an archive file to be
People will buy again and again! The CD will also have the effect that your
customers won't forget you!
If you have a bit of luck you will even have the chance to receive a bit of
money with that CD. You can sell places for advertising. An ad for another
company is displayed 10sec. before you can use the CD-ROM, for example.


Sell places for advertising on your webpages. Give these places away at an
online auction every month for one month. If you start at a very low price
several people will probably be interested. This is a nice new opportunity
to attract possible sponsors and keep people interested.


If you have a lot of traffic you can also sell advertising places with an
affiliate program. That page that generates most traffic for your site will
receive the advertising place.
Ask visitors to install a banner to your page on their site. If they do you
will insert these sites in a list. You can chose one site from the list at
random every week. This site gets an attractive advertising place on your
This will cause many links pointing to your site.

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Jan Damberg manages several website projects in Germany and developes
software for
publishing wireless applications
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