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Domain Name Registration - Key Tips
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Linking Strategies for beginners
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The Internet F-Word
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Web Advertsing: Its All About the Click Thrus!
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Let "Site Build It!" Be Your Internet Solution

98% of websites are NOT successful. You can be in the top 2% of all business sites. Your internet business solution is Site Build It (SBI) by Site Sell and drive visitors to your site.

My Story and Your Internet Business Solution

If you're like me when I was ready to get into an internet business I looked and looked. I saw the ads to get a website up and running in 15 minutes and get ready to make a ton of money quickly. Well, I thought about the old saying, "if it's too good...". And then I came across Site Sell and they seemed really genuine and also told me it takes some hard work but most of their websites end up in the top 3% of all internet website.

How To Succeed

If you have a site you want it to succeed, right? To succeed you need the right tools. SBI site owners SUCCEED and we can prove it, unlike those other sites. This can be your internet business solution. A recent study (February '05) showed that 62% of SBI sites are in the top 3% of all websites according to and Yes, can you believe it, 62% of all SBI sites made to the top 3% of websites. Here's the proof

Site Build It(SBI) is the only complete package for novices like me but also for web masters. Everything from domain registration, hosting, key word searches, designing websites, shopping carts, C-T-P-M and much much more. This truly can be your internet business solution.
Your internet business solution. Compare SBi with other big names in online business

C-T-P-M The Secret Weapon To Make You A Success

.. is the only proven way to drive visitors to your website and is at the core of SBI. Without visitors your website will just wither on the vine.

What is C-T-P-M? C-T-P-M = Content-Traffic-Pre sell-Monetization. These are the steps that are needed to make ANY website successful. And these are the steps the SBIers take.

This Concept Is Important So Read on....

To make your internet business solution successful you first need customers to make that purchase. They will not make the purchase unless they are first pre-sold on the product or service. Today your internet visitors will need to trust you and to have that occur you need content (information) that is both reliable and trustworthy.

Content Is By Far The Right Way To Success

Today's internet customer needs to feel safe and get honest information. Without this

they will quickly "CLICK" and leave your site. Most people who surf on the web are on a site for less than a minute. Think about your own surfing! Unless you see something that draws your attention or answers your question you will click off AND probably never return.

I have used Traffic Stats From to follow my visitors through my website, It is really true, most customers (greater than 50 %) leave a site or page within 30 - 50 seconds. Visitors quickly scan to see if anything jumps out at them urging them to stay.

Reliable content is the first and foremost that visitors need. You want a company that has it all including the process to be successful. SBI is your internet business solution. This builds customers or traffic to your site. Your content needs to pre sell your visitor to get them into the mindset of a purchase. Once she purchases (monetization) you make the money!

Once again, think back to when you last were looking to do a purchase or to get information. How did the website get your attention? Was it by seeing some key words that answered your question or the razzle-dazzle site?

SBI Does All The Work, So You Can Keep Your Eye On Business

With SBI!, there is no need for you to spend ANY time trying to keep up on Web marketing, Search Engine Optimization, AdSense, RSS, etc., etc., etc. If it's important, we cover it, condense it and add it to one of the HQs.

And if it's really important, we build the tool to make it easy to DO.

Why is that so important?

It frees you to focus on business. THAT is where you must keep up (trade magazines, new developments, etc.). No need for you to worry about the "HOW" of building your site when you can do it easily. Even as a novice, no experience needed.

Build for success, read more on Site Build It the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable. This is your internet business solution.

Do you have questions? You can talk with other SBI owners about any questions you have
or talk with me

Build a BUSINESS that succeeds. If you consider any other way to build a site online, look for real proof.

About the Author

Bob's website,, is his primary site. This article is a review article on how he built his site.