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How To Use Autoresponders With Affiliate Programs and Pop Up Windows

It has been proven that most prospects much hear a message
as many as 7 times before purchasing.

Multiple follow up autoresponder systems allow you to place
an opt in form on your website which captures your prospect's
name and email address and then sends them up to ten
personalized follow up messages about your business.

A very effective way to capture the prospects name and email
address is through a pop up window which opens whenever someone
leaves your first page.

If you were selling a credit repair system for example your
form could say "Place your name and email address here to get
10 free tips by email on how to restore your credit."

The problem arises when you are promoting an affiliate program
and you are not allowed to modify their self replicated webpages.

What we do is to make a copy of the first page of the self
replicated site and place it on our servers or on a free web host
with our modifications.

All the links still go to our affiliate site so we get still
get credit for any sales and the new page has our pop up
autoresponder form on it.

Here is how you do this:

1. Open your browser and go to the first page
of your affiliate website.

2. Right click on the page. (Not on a Picture)

3. Left click on "view source."

4. Left click on "file."

5. Left click on "save as."

6. Under "file name" type index.html

7. Under "save in" click the little
arrow to the right and choose "C ."

8. Click save.

9. Go to start.

10. Go to Run.

11. Go to Browse.

12. Go to C Drive (Under Look In)

13. Under "files of type" click "all files."

14. Look for index.html

15. Right click on the index.html

16. Click "view source"

17. Install this java script after the
tag in your html code.
This java script is courtesy of"", "myannouncer", "scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,height=220,width=570")

Make sure you replace "" with the domain for your
free web host. You can find 100s of free web hosts at .

18. Click "File."

19. Click "Save as."

20. Name the file "index.html ."

21. Under save in choose "C."

22. Click "Save."

23. Sign up for a free autoresponder
account at

24. Log into your account.

25. Go to "On Line Form Manager."

26. Go to "Configure Autoresponder."

27. Go to "Set Up Re-direct Link."

28. Type in the url of your affiliate
website. (

29. Click your back button twice to
go to the autoresponder control panel.

30. Click "Get Form Code.

31. Leave the name and email fields
checked exactly as they are.

32. Click generate form code.

33. Go to Start, Run, Programs, Accessories
then notepad.

34. Copy and paste the form code you
just generated into notepad.

35. Save the file to your C drive as

36. Upload both popup.html and
index.html to your free web host.

37. Log back into your autoresponder
control panel at
and type in several follow up email
messages about your business.

Go to your free website and open
up the first page. Click refresh
and you will see your pop up window
appear asking your prospects for
their name and email address.

Note: If the pictures all are blank
in the free website put this code into
the portion on the html of the
free web page.

Make sure you place the url of the original
url that your affiliate program gave you in this tag.

About the Author

Matthew May is the owner of free and pro autorepsonder
service. You may contact him through his website at