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Before You Register a Domain Name for Your New Online Business...
Recently I made a mistake that may cost a great deal of traffic to my new web site. Let me explain... I studied so many books about Internet marketing over the last couple of years that I decided to start a new web site, and share my...

How to Research Before Joining a Rewards Program
We've all seen the ads, for the greatest site of the month, promising high paying emails an equally high payout and selling ads for next to nothing. We've also all heard the adage, "If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is." The key to...

My Top 7 Favorite Ecommerce Tools
Copyright 2005 Jim Edwards When you make your living on the Internet, you sometimes forget that the resources you use every day (and take for granted) might rate an incredible discovery to anyone who doesn't already know they exist. Whether...

Search Engine Optimization: Site Structure and Popularity
In the Global Internet era the industry presence is undoubtedly related to the company online presence. Where is the scope of the online presence limitations and does it refer only to the search engine optimization aspect or it broadens into...

Software Marketing Creativity
Marketing is about creativity. Outside of posting shareware on download sites there are numerous promotional opportunities available to independent software developers. The first thing that I'll mention is developers need to take full advantage...

Google Adworeds and Multiple Streams of Income

I'm not a super affiliate, I don't claim to be, but, I will tell you I like to think I have a little experience on the web. I have been at for six years now. You'd think after six years I'd get it right.

Actually, I'm just like you! I work a full time job. I sell wholesale floorcovering. I also build websites, so I know a little about the internet works. ( Well, you Gotta make a living somehow. I do, however, have a pretty good roadmap to online success. Might as well share it. We can try it together. I'm getting ready to give it a go.

1.) Adwords- I can't say enough about Google adwords and affiliate programs. They work. REALY!!! I don't make enough (yet) to quit the day job, but I do pull in 5-8 hundred dollars a month with affiliate programs and adwords. Go to (which stands for Commission Junction) and join now! Find an affiliate program you think other people will search for and sign up for it. (It's Free). Sign up for Google Adwords, (It costs 5 bucks) and build an ad to drive traffic to that website. Use tools such as Wordtracker, Good Keywords and Keyword Analyzer to find good keywords to bid on.

2.) Cory Rudl and his Internet Marketing course. If you want to learn from the best, this is the place to go. His course is worth every penny, I speak from experience, and I bought the course myself. I used this course for my floor covering business and it really works. He

offers a 30 day money back guarantee. In other words, he puts his money were his mouth is.

3.) Stone Phillips and his Plug In Profit Free Website Builder - If you want a professional website with all the bells and whistles and a he builds the site for free. All you have to do is have a domain name (he will even show you to do this if you don't have one yet) and pay for the hosting each month. That's it! I speak from experience here as well. Stone just set up my website for me; you can view it at

This really does work. It won't make you famous; it might you rich, I guess it depends on how much time and money you devote to the program. Working from home is not easy, it takes time and lots of effort to be profitable, but it can be done.

I make about $5 for every $1.25 I spend on advertising. That's awesome in the "real world" advertising business.

Don't expect success overnight. You are dreaming. If you're good and learn the business, it is true; you can quit your day job and work from home, but don't expect it tomorrow. It takes time and talent.

About the Author

R. Phillips has been using affiliate marketing for over 5 years. She has recently launched a new website to help others succeed. Please visit for more information. This article may be reprinted by anyone, as long as the links remain intact with the article.