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From A Creative Domain To The Creative Public

There are a growing number of domain names used in creative ways that leverage the true power of the Internet. There is not a better illustration of this point than Jason Vaughn, an individual who turned his creative talent and passion for teaching web design at a community college into a successful Internet-based guide for graphic designers going into business for themselves.

Jason Vaughn, founder of, envisioned a web destination where graphic designers around the world could find information, services and products to support their business needs. Vaughn knew that securing a concise, creative domain name on the Internet would ensure that his vision would become a reality. Today, -- which originally was a resource for his college students only -- is now one of the top resources for graphic designers all over the world!

The founder credits much of this success to the unique identification of his creative domain name. Because of this domain name and web site, Vaughn is able to share his knowledge with graphic designers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since registering and launching, Jason has been able to fund his children's college education, meet like-minded people from places like China , Ireland , England , Russia , and obtain job offers from companies such as, which is an online school of design.

Shaun Cronrath recently spoke with Jason about his new domain venture. This is what he had to say:

Shaun Cronrath: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Jason Vaughn: I have over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry including print, TV, animation and the Internet. During that time, I've owned a graphic design firm, taught web design at a community college, and co-founded Internet startups. Some of my clients include Blue Cross, NBA, NFL, NHL, Energas, and Aramark. I'm also currently an online instructor for, which is the first accredited online school of design.

Shaun Cronrath: Can you tell us about your domain?

Jason Vaughn: has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time. It first started out as a resource for my students that I was teaching at a community college in the Dallas , Texas . I had already decided that I wanted to make into a business resource for graphic designers; something that is not very available for designers. Most sites out their today have little to do with the background of business, they are all about design. That is when I decided that every designer at some point would need the same forms, contracts, pricing guides, employee manuals, and other information that I needed with my business.

Shaun Cronrath: How did you think of this idea?

Jason Vaughn: The idea has been there since I first started my ad agency back many years ago. Many people have come to me, asking me how I got started and what it took to get going in business. I wanted to create a site based on what I did with my business. The idea did not become a reality until I got the opportunity to teach Web design at a community college 2 years ago.

Shaun Cronrath: When did you realize that sharing your

passion via could turn into something successful?

Jason Vaughn: I realized that my passion for would turn into something successful when I got my first sale. I figured if one person bought my product, there should be more designers out that would do the same. Another really big deal was when was featured on (HOW magazine), a leader in the graphic design publication industry. That was when I knew, for a fact, that the site had value and was on its way to being successful. Since then, has become one of the top resources for graphic designers.

Shaun Cronrath: How has your life changed since you registered and launched your domain?

Jason Vaughn: I feel more connected to the graphic design world, even though I sit behind a computer all day. I feel more a part of a bigger community. has not only become a community for designers, but has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people. I get to talk to people across the world and make great friends in places like China , Ireland , England , Russia and many other countries. The extra income is great too! It helps pay for my car, house, and my children's college education.

Shaun Cronrath: How has other peoples lives been effected since you registered and launched your domain?

Jason Vaughn: The feedback I get from my visitors and members is great. Everyone is always complimenting me and thanking me for coming up with such a great resource for designers. It has helped many designers to get their business started or obtain information and forms that they could use for their business operations.

Shaun Cronrath: Can you share with us any obstacles you overcame while registering your domain?

Jason Vaughn: Finding a domain was hard, almost everything was taken, but with a little imagination I was able to conger up a name. I tried several names, but one tool that helped out were those that listed alternate domain names I could choose from. After several days of research, I decided on a name based on my concept. I was really surprised that the name was available. The domain was chosen to pertain to creative people of all types, not just graphic designers. The site is mostly for designers, however it has much to offer for other creative individuals.

Shaun Cronrath: As a successful domain name owner, do have any words of advice for others who aspire to use a domain name as a vehicle to share their creative talents and ideas?

Jason Vaughn: If you have an idea, the only way to see if it will work, is to put it into action. If you just sit around dreaming about it, it will never ever happen.

About The Author

Shaun Cronrath is the President & CEO of (, a domain name registration company offering all the major domain extensions -- .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .ca, .us, .cn, .eu, .de, .pro and more.