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What does your website say about your business?
what does your website say about your business? Wherever you are doing business, online, or offline you need to present a professional image. You can have the best product in the world, the most targeted advertising campaign dragging people to...

Expose Yourself!

That's what you need to do, if you want to maximize the traffic
to your website. You need to expose yourself to as many pairs of
eyes as you possibly can.

Paying for advertising is one way to accomplish that, but there
are many other much more subtle ways to expose yourself, that can
often generate much more targeted traffic.

Probably the best way to expose yourself is by writing articles
and submitting them to ezines related to the topic. Oh, "I'm not
a writer you say." Well, that really doesn't matter. I'm not a
writer either, and here I am.

The only thing you need to expose yourself with this method is
knowledge in a specific area. It really matters little whether
that area is rocket science, or de-clawing a cat.

Start by writing a few paragraphs related to your area of
expertise. Assume your potential reader has limited knowledge in
that area.

Then, develop those paragraphs to convey your knowledge to your

As I said, the topic is really irrelevant. If you can convey
something to the reader that expands their knowledge by reading
your article, you gain worthwhile exposure

Now comes the hard part: deciding on an eye-catching title for
your article. And, I do mean the hard part. I can spend 30
minutes writing an article and another 6 hours coming up with
just the right title.

A few things to remember: You really need to keep it short.
That's a big part of what makes this process so hard. It also
needs to convey a quick and easy to understand message to grab
your reader's attention.

For example, the title of this article must have grabbed your

attention. You probably wondered, what could "Expose Yourself" be

Now, assume you have your article written along with an eye-
catching title. Where do you go from there? Well, the whole idea
is to expose yourself. So, the next step is a dynamite "sig"
file. That's Internet speak for an expanded signature. One that
contains not only your name, but additional data about your
background and the enterprise you wrote the article to promote.

Keep your "sig" file short and sweet, not more than 6 to 8 lines
formatted the same as your article.

You now have an article with a great title, along with your "sig
file. It's time to promote it. Have a look at these quick tips ips.html for getting your
article noticed by a publisher.

Here are a few of the excellent sources for promoting your
article: ermsofuse/articlesubmission.htm
Now, go out there and expose yourself!

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