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Drive FREE targeted traffic to your site using eBay

In the world of SE optimization, the commonly used techniques have been heard thousand of times...PPC, higher search engine placement, newsletters etc

What I want to show you today is a legal technique which is completely FREE, and that I have been using for about a year with great success to sell ebooks with resell rights , to drive targeted traffic to your website using nothing more than eBay!!

Before you read on let me tell you a story: when i first wanted to start selling ebooks on the internet I didn't have a clue about how to do it, so I looked at the websites of people who were already doing it. There was one seller who had about 300 daily listings on eBay (for 300 different ebooks!!!): he had a link that pointed to his own website, in this website he did NOT sell products, he only had links to his ebay store: this is a key thing to understand in eBay policy!! You CAN link to your website if it has valuable information about the products you are selling, but you CAN NOT link to your website if you're selling products directly on it (because eBay won't get any commission that way)...

Back to the story: one day, eBay suspended this seller's account because of their "downloadable media policy" (basically, they suspected some of his ebooks of being copyrighted and sold illegally), so he transformed his own site in a real, stand-alone ecommerce store. The store was designed VERY poorly, with sloppy graphics, absolutely NO SEO, no descriptions for the products etc. Next thing i know: I visit his new website a month later and he has 200 thousands page views and hundreds of sales. How did this happen?? Simple: he had links registered in google,yahoo etc (coming directly from eBay, which has a high pagerank) which were pointing to his domain. These links alone gave him a pagerank of 2,

he used the emails of the buyers from ebay to send them a message about his newly opened store...and he had success!!!

So what do you do if you want traffic from eBay?? The main methods are 2:

1. You set up an eBay store, a new domain with ONLY ebay listings on it, gather some buyer information from eBay, then turn your domain to an online store (maybe sacrificing your eBay account if you really want to keep the link and play dirty)


2. You set up an eBay store, then you write a custom ABOUT ME page (on eBay) with a subscription box for your store/site's newsletter (this is perfecly legal even if your store is stand-alone and sells its own products, since people are opting in). This is more honest in my opinion as it doesnt' break any ebay policy rule and gives good results on the long run. My advice is that you offer something free with your newsletter, then place a link in every ebay listing saying something like "Visit my About Me page and download your free ebook now!!" (click this link, it's my About Me page!!)

That's guaranteed to get a lot of very targeted traffic to your website (since people searched the keywords through ebay's own search engine, they're already interested in your products) and it's free, legal, and in my opinion just i n t e l l i g e n t ;)


About the Author

Albert Z,

Albert Z has been successfully selling e-books on both eBay and since 2004, he has experience in web
designing, marketing, promoting and copywriting.