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Diversify Or Die

Diversify Or Die...

Business has been a little slow on the internet lately as you may
have noticed, sales have dropped and people are shopping around
more and buying less.
I have a web hosting company which until recently was steadily ticking
over a regular weekly income which allowed me to work at home and not have to kowtow to some dictatorial boss.

I realize now that I was resting on my laurels, the internet is like
any other business arena, you can't afford to become complacent and
when times are tough you need to diversify or die.
I chose to diversify, I would find another income stream to compliment
my hosting business.
Before wading into the often treacherous ocean of the internet I set myself some guidelines that must be strictly adhered to in order to make this succeed.

1/ I would spend no more than $100.00 to set the business up.
2/ I must be able to earn from it almost immediately.
3/ It must have a proven track record of success.
4/ The time spent on it must have minimum impact on my already busy schedule.

A tall order many of you might say, it was but I found it eventually and it pays a tidy sum weekly for the small amount of time and money invested.

After sifting through the endless GET RICH QUICK scams and coming up empty handed, a fellow webmaster pal suggested I go to Ebay and check out the "Businesses For Sale- Websites" section.

He told me he had purchased an affiliate travel website several months before for $180.00 and was now earning several hundred a week from commissions.

Although out of my price range, I was intrigued, what I discovered amazed me. Hundreds of affiliate websites were for sale but only a select few were being heavily bid on.

After some research I noticed some sellers were auctioning half a dozen
different turnkey sites at a time and realizing sales of at least $150 each, I quickly realized the money was in selling affiliate websites not buying them.

Further detective work lead me to thier little pot of gold. a unique and very lucrative turnkey business concept that I am sure is going to grow very large on the net.

I took the tour and signed up later that day, the best $99.00 I have ever invested, I made my investment back with $110.00 profit on my first auction.

On average I have five turnkey websites up for auction any given week, I spend a day setting them all up and make at least $500.00 profit. Not bad for a days work and anybody can do it.

I had met and surpassed all of my guidelines and as I host them on my own servers from my own hosting company they each earn me a little more revenue each month.

Will Knauer, the Founder and CEO of agreed to shed some light on the success of the company. Coming from a web design background his company had designed and sold hundreds of unique websites to internet entrepreneurs.

Through this business he discovered a niche market wide open for development, professionally designed instant turnkey websites, the demand was there but nobody was meeting it.

Small Office Center was born. Will began with richly designed Casinos, Malls and Domain Name Registration websites. Sales on Ebay, Yahoo and other auction sites were incredible and beyond expectation.

His company quickly branched out into Pay Per Click Search Engines, Auction Sites and eight other designs quickly followed based on demand from clients.

Will noticed two patterns emerge from the auctions, he recieved constant emails from the losing bidders wanting a custom made website similar to the one they had failed to win and he also recieved many emails from internet entrepreneurs wanting to sell his designs as affiliates or at a wholesale price.

I have found that one auction will often lead to 3 or more custom orders from business hungry clients, many of his entrepreneurs are making a lucrative full time living from thier initial $99.00 dollar investment.

Small office center now caters mainly to webmaster entrepreneurs who resell the designs for high profits, some Pay Per Click Search Engines sell for $1000.00 or more at Ebay and other auction sites with an average set up cost of $15.00 and one hours work.

I not only sell them and host them but I actually own four myself which generate monthly income automatically and without demanding much of my time. I match them up with highly relavant searchphrase domain names and the search engine traffic results in good sales.

How do I do this? Well that is material for another article. Small Office Center is expanding all the time, they add several new turnkey websites each month to the 200 plus designs already available.

Take the tour of and see for yourself, there are many extra bonuses to be found that I have not included here, then if you are still not convinced go to and see his designs up for auction under "Businesses For Sale-Websites".

I highly recommend as an added business enterprise to compliment your internet presence.


Article by Robert Earl Lear

Journalist and Entrepreneur and owner of home of $25.00 a year hosting.

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I am a script writer and journalist and internet business person. The article is free for distribution.