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Direct Talk On Producing Affiliate Sales

While the Internet delivers a HUGE market of potential buyers, it
also delivers a HUGE amount of competition for those buyers.

If you are into affiliate programs, what is it about your business that
can make you stand out from all the other affiliates who are
promoting the exact same site?

With the heavy competition around, promoting with a standard
affiliate classified leading to a standard affiliate mirror site isn't going
to cut it.

True, you could still get some sales this way, but if you're working
toward building a sizeable residual income that can upgrade your
lifestyle, 'some sales' isn't good enough.

You need to be more than just an affiliate, you need to be running
your OWN business.

Here is THE KEY that can transform you from being just another
affiliate, to a business owner.


Your own site:

*increases credibility, creates your own business
*can be listed with search engines
*offers grouping of programs
*offers addition of personal recommendations or testimonials
*allows for single URL promotion
*offers a format for repeat contact
*gives potential for multiple program purchases
*creates structure for better downline support


You've heard it before, having your own domain name makes your
business more credible. It gives people a focal point to see who
you are and what you are involved in. You can then offer a
business name that people can remember, and a place they can
return to for future reference.

Search Engines

Affiliate mirror sites cannot be listed with search engines, your own
site can. Offering portals to your chosen programs on your own
site gives you the capability to list and promote your business
through the search engines.

Grouping Of Programs

On your own site, you can group your programs together and let
your site visitors choose from what you have to offer. This gives
visitors more options to find exactly what they are looking for, and
you the greater opportunity to make a sale.

Recommendations or Testimonials

A personal account or description of a program will mean more to
people than just the basic sales copy on the affiliate site. You can
even lead into benefits you feel are more important that perhaps the
affiliate site does not stress enough. Also, this allows you to give
people a different look at a program they may have seen before
and passed on. Your opinion or testimonial of how the program
has worked for you or your downline may persuade the skeptic to
look harder as


Single URL Promotion

While you can still run individual ads for each program if you like,
you can also run ads that cover a wider concept and lead people
to your own site. This can also lead to respondents for an ad to
one program looking into more than one while visiting.

Repeat Contact

This may be the best benefit of all. Most generally, people will
respond to your ad only one time. From there, how do you
maintain contact or encourage them to come back for additional

At an affiliate site, there is generally only one concept and one
decision to be made -- join or leave.

At your own site, you can offer groups of programs to visit, an
ezine, information or humor content on the site, free ebooks, free
products or promotional services, contests or giveaways, or any
number of other items. In other words, your own site offers you
the format to encourage REPEAT visitors, especially if you get
their contact information through an ezine subscription or product

By retaining contact with your visitors, it makes your advertising
more effective.

Potential For Multiple Purchases

With your own business, on your own site, you can build your own
reputation. This definitely increases your opportunity for multiple
purchases, especially with repeat contact.

Structure For Downline Support

The true power of geometric progression, and a key in making
residual income, is accomplished by sponsoring a successful
downline team.

With a definable business, created by having your own site, you
can then offer better support for those who have joined your
programs. The content you place on your site can be there not
only to attract more visitors and keep them coming back, but to
better educate and motivate your downline as well.

Also, it gives them a point of reference for staying in touch with
you, and for keeping up with what you are doing.

All in all, having your own site provides more tools and
opportunities for your business. I guarantee ALL of the BIG
money makers on the Internet have their own web site.

In a competitive market, it just doesn't make sense to follow the
crowd or stay with the 'typical' marketing plan for affiliate
programs if you want to make more than just an occasional sale. If
you are seeking true wealth through residual income, you need
your own name and your own business.

You need to personalize, and create your own UNIQUE

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Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters