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A Network Of Web Sites Is Not Enough!
The big thing these days is your ability to capture the market. So how do you do that? Do you... 1) Use spam tactics? 2) Have a massive banner campaign? 3) Spends lots of money of PPC Advertising? 4) Build a huge web site? 5) Link to...

How and Where to Profit From Online Casinos
Signup for these free programs and get great commissions Why do you see all those ads and annoying popups for gambling sites. Because, they pay well. Websites can earn $220 per signup or get up to 50% of the profits from gamblers who signup from...

Qualifying Yourself as a Reliable Vendor
Marketing is a numbers game. This maxim is true, although it can be viewed from several angles. Proponents of bulk email advertising and traffic exchanges contend that if you expose your message to a vast number of people, only a small percentage of...

Stop Getting Ripped-Off On Domain Names
Wake up and smell the rip-offs! If you're still paying more than $10 per year for a domain name, you're getting ripped-off. Maybe ripped-off is too strong a language. After all, many of the firms charging you over $10 per year do provide you...

Your Content for Nothing and Your Clicks for Free
Your Content for Nothing and Your Clicks for Free © 2005, David Westbrook You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as you leave the article title, author name, body and resource box in...

Combine Links with Quality Resources and You're on a Winner

There are 1001 ways to drive traffic to your websites.

I reckon I've tried most of them over the years and in the process have become blasé over the whole process of traffic promotion - but here's one that surprises even a hardened old cynic like me...

Several months ago I designed a single-page website, launched the creature as a sub-domain and promptly forgot about it. In point of fact it was so absentmindedly conceived that the tag still contains the template reference.

So what happened to it?

Here's has achieved some amazing rankings.

- Yahoo! # 2 (out of 8,270,000 web pages)
- AltaVista #2
- AllTheWeb #2

What's even better...

I attached my little afterthought single page to two of my prime sites and quality traffic is rocketing to both of them. These sites have always performed well for me but now they're on fire.


#13 on Yahoo! (out of 8,720,000 web pages) for keyword phrase ‘creative writing course'

# 10 on Yahoo! (Out of 706,000,000 - yes 706 million - web pages)
for keyword phrase ‘how to products'

What is the secret of the single page winner?

It consists entirely of LINKS to QUALITY RESOURCES with reciprocal arrangements for most.

The trick is to narrow the focus on your niche and link to the cream of the marketplace including some of your competition...

If you visit the website in the resource box and click on RESOURCES you can check out my little one-page monster for yourself - and thereafter do a check on the search engines listed.

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