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5 Surefire Basic Methods to use in Promoting Your Blog

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

Okay! Your research is solid and you've created strategies for presenting the contents in your blog. You've identified your audience and have created hooks for appealing to them.

You are definitely ready to go blogging!

First, you'll need to know and understand what kind of software a blogging uses, to be effective in promoting the blog.

Blogging software is simple Content Management System (CMS). This makes it easy for you to add new pages and have them easily integrated into your site's navigational structure and linkage.

Although there are crucial differences between a website and a blog, but they possess one very good quality. They are search engine friendly; ergo both use a good sized dose of keyword phrases. Blogs are also text-rich, link-rich, frequently updated web pages which utilize CSS, and need very little HTML.

Prior to writing your blog, go to websites to get a supply of at least 100 keywords relevant to your topic, try the Word Tracker website.

When writing, keep these 100 keywords close at hand, so that you'll write the primary keyword into your blog urls. Use your primary key words in your title, the secondary keywords in the body of your posts, and in the anchor text of links in the body of your post.

Now that you've done the preliminaries such as picking your 100 keywords, and know how to slip them into your blog posts,

these are the next steps you'll need to take:

1.Build links to your blog, do this by the following ways. Link your blog from each page on your website, post comments on other blogs that are similarly themed. Ask if you can link to them.

2.Submit your blog and RSS feed to big directories. This will expand your community of readers and keep old ones coming back for more.

3.Make sure that your side navigation bar is present on all your blog posts, so that search engines can easily spider your blog.

4.Frequently post blogs. Search engine spiders strive on fresh content.

5.Stay with the domain you've picked. If you move, you'll lose important data; traffic and worse, your position in the search engine rankings.

Use these basics to get started. You'll get to the top in a short time. Make posting new content on your blog a habit and you'll stay there.

I have been able to get to the top positions for important keyword phrases simply by naming my blog post according to the keyword I am targeting... so I know that blogging DOES work.

Get blogging today!

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